Motorcycle Springs


EMS | Eibach Motorcycle Springs

  • Precision Tolerances—The Tightest in the Industry
  • Ultra-Lightweight, for Reduced Unsprung Mass
  • Maximum Deflection in Combination with Smallest Block Heights
  • Precision Planparallel and Square End Configurations Under Unloaded and Loaded Conditions
  • Lowest Side Loads with Load Center Ideally Located Relative to Spring Axis
  • Exceptional Block Resistance and Durability

Motorcycle Suspension – Maximum Two-wheel Performance

With the extreme performance of today’s motorcycles, both on-road and off, proper suspension setup is essential. Front and rear springs must be matched and tuned for rider weight, ability, riding style and road/track conditions. Which is why Eibach has applied its legendary talents to making your motorcycle perform-and feel-better than you´d ever dreamed possible.

The first step in dialing in your motorcycle suspension is selecting the proper Eibach Moto Spring (EMS) combination. Whether you are a serious racer or weekend warrior, no other modification can affect the performance of your motorcycle as significantly as a properly tuned suspension. Over the history of Eibach Springs, we have set the industry standards for quality control, consistent performance and advanced suspension engineering-and we apply every bit of that expertise to perfecting our springs for high-performance motorcycles.

For the motocross, off-road or dual-sport rider, Eibach EMS springs can help you carve through turns and fly by your competition by reducing bottoming, providing better feel & feedback, delivering a smoother, more compliant ride and helping your bike hook up better on the throttle.

For the road racer, Eibach EMS springs can help you brake later, get on the gas sooner and increase your lean angle by maintaining cornering clearance and preventing excessive dive under braking. At the same time it can help maintain proper chassis geometry under acceleration, increasing your confidence level at the limit of traction.

And for the street rider, Eibach EMS springs are vital to tailor your machine to your exact weight, riding style and preferred riding conditions, delivering a stable, compliant ride, improving cornering clearance, and reducing dive, squat and bottoming. In many cases, using the proper, stiffer springs, front and rear, actually improves ride quality while it takes handling to the next level of performance.

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